“Wilson Benesch’s entry-level speakers set new standards”… is how What HIFI? open the first British review of the new Wilson Benesch P1.0 standmount loudspeaker.

The new Precision Series from Wilson Benesch is the companies entry-level loudspeaker line that consists of three models at present. Hand constructed entirely in house, the Precision Series enclosure is comprised of aluminium and birch plywood that forms a hybrid structure, braced, damped and held in tension to create a ridged and low resonance enclosure.

The drive units are identical to those used in Wilson Benesch’s reference loudspeaker line with the 17cm Tactic-II drive unit for midrange and bass. The tweeter is a derivative of the Fibonacci Tweeter used in the reference line, but instead here the so called Leonardo Tweeter employs a 25mm silk dome rather than the carbon fibre – silk dome used in the reference line.

“Things are convincing tonally, with the speakers sounding unusually even across the board. The integration between the drive units is seamless, helping to give the impressive musical cohesion we hear… Cap it all off with an impressive ability to resolve low-level detail and the ability to organise it in a wholly musical manner, and you have a pair of speakers that set sky-high standards for the price”

You can read the What HIFI? review in full here: https://bit.ly/2MelJUG