“the I1 is definitely as close to audio Nirvana as any compact audio component has transported me.”… is how TheAudiobeat.com reviewer Dennis Davis’ concludes his review of the I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier. The review is a really great and in-depth report about the I1, a product that we know intimately and Dennis characterises the performance and frames the I1 within the CH product lineup so well.

“The CH Precision I1 makes the dream possible… You can have a tangible music collection and great sound, all in a very compact space. This integrated amp challenges the sound of high-quality separates, while at the same time condensing their essence into an unbelievably compact form…”

And Dennis is absolutely correct. The I1 offers so much of the CH Precision performance in a compact form factor. But certainly so far as the discerning British audiophile is concerned, the I1 also offers a quite unusual array of settings within its feedback loop that effectively allows the user to better integrate their chosen loudspeaker to their listening environment. This is an invaluable tool to many British clients who don’t have the cavernous dedicated listening rooms within their home and instead a typical British living space.

“One absolutely crucial setting allows you to select a setting for global feedback ratio, allowing you to choose between zero and 100% global feedback in 20% increments. Like selecting 4-, 8- or 16-ohm speaker taps on the back of many tube amplifiers, the feedback adjustment is CH Precision’s way of matching the amplifier to your speakers’ impedance characteristics and low-frequency balance, as it has a profound impact on the amplifier’s damping factor.

You can read Dennis Davis’ full review via TheAudiobeat.com: https://bit.ly/2KzLaxo