Singularity Audio are thrilled to announced the introduction of US cable manufacturer Stage III Concepts to our lines. Founded in 1996 by Luis de la Fuente, Stage III Concepts has been one of the world’s most innovative companies in the field of audio cable design. Singularity Audio’s overarching philosophy is to present audio components and technology that set new standards in performance and offer a different, innovative technology and approach to achieving an ultra high end system. Stage III Concepts satisfies all of these parameters, being the first company to offer ‘floating’ silver ribbon conductors with air dielectric technology in interconnect, speaker and power cables.


Stage III Concepts exists with one objective in mind – to make the most transparent, musically satisfying audiophile quality cables possible. This is not an easy task. Stage III Concepts approach to design is an uncompromising ‘all out’ commitment to making the very best cables possible.


The selection of the conductor material is of the highest quality available and is cryogenically treated to create a denser, better aligned atomic structure of the metal to improve conductivity and makes the conductor’s inner composition completely homogenous and non-directional. The design and geometry of the conductor is paramount, needing to exhibit a desirable impedance characteristic and allow the transmission of all frequencies with perfect uniformity, minimising the distortions of skin effect. The quality of the dielectric would have to be uncompromising, the shielding would have to be the best available and the connectors would have to perform better that what is considered reference at the moment.


Stage III Concepts spent years researching these aspects and created a range of cables that featured some ground breaking technologies, including their own proprietary Hyperion connectors.


They chose the ultimate dielectric – AIR – a construction technology that is seldom seen or even attempted by other manufacturers due to the difficultly and cost of implementation. Each cable is hand made by the designer and has a limited lifetime warranty.


Singularity Audio have spent hundreds of hours testing the Stage III Concepts products with a diverse range of amplifier and source technologies. The speaker, power and interconnect cables have been partnered with pure class A, hybridised and solid state amplification and preampfification. The result is always impressive, with a presentation that can be characterised as a natural – neutral composed soundscape. Stage III Cables reveal the qualities of the components upstream of the cable – if you have good electronics, you will hear them. The cables provide a foundation for lifelike 3D imaging, with lightning fast transients, deep bass and a highly resolved rich soundscape.


The Stage III Concepts products can now be viewed here:


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