The close of 2019 was a busy time for the Singularity Audio team, but also for our partners. Our three house brands CH Precision, NuPrime Audio and Wilson Benesch announced a clutch of awards through the course of last year reaffirming – if ever there was the need – the quality of the bespoke audio systems available at Singularity Audio. Here are some highlights from 2019.

CH Precision – P1 Phono Pre + X1 External Power
Editors Choice – Mono & Stereo (view here)

CH Precision – I1 Integrated Amplifier
Recommended Components A-Grade – Stereophile USA (view here)

CH Precision – L1 Line Preamplifier + A1.5 Power Amplifier
Reference – Haute Fidelité (view here)

Wilson Benesch – Eminence Loudspeaker
Product of the Year – The Absolute Sound (view here)

Wilson Benesch – R1 HIFI Rack
Best Industrial Design – Guangzhou International Audio Show

Wilson Benesch – Torus Infrasonic Generator
Subwoofer of Year – Rocky Mountain International HIFI Press Award


You can arrange a home demonstration of these products now using our customer contact form or calling Singularity Audio directly using 0114 442 0129.