It’s all about the music

Singularity Audio came to life at The Bristol Show. It was our very first public presentation and we have been thrilled with the reception from the attending audience. Singularity Audio has been borne from a desire to bring some of the finest audio components currently available globally, together under one cohesive brand that offers exceptional customer service, knowledge, passion and that personalised home demonstration service that we know so many of our clients love. During The Bristol Show, we presented products from all three of our cornerstone brands, using two separate systems to give our customers a flavour of what can be achieved at two very different price points. The results were spectacular, with both systems excelling in every regard and showing that it is possible to create a great sound with a carefully tailored system that is sympathetic to the needs of each component in the chain to create a unified system whole.

Our reference system consisted of the stunning CH Precision I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier, which found its home on the sublime Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack the combination of the high-tech clean lines and minimalist implementation of the CH ties perfectly with the highly engineered carbon fibre composite form of the R1. The versatility of the I1 was amply demonstrated with both digital Ethernet and USB streaming cards presented using a Melco source, along with a very special WB-One original turntable supplying the I1’s dedicated Phono card input with its switchable EQ’s. On the end of the I1s 175w outputs was the new Precision Series P3.0 floor-standing loudspeakers from Wilson Benesch. The Precision Series is a totally new line from Wilson Benesch offering beautiful contemporary design, with hand-built drive technologies that have been plucked from their reference line. The overall package is very impressive, the P3.0 model arrives with huge amounts of drive, whilst always maintaining a sense of complete composure and resolution, it is a very thrilling experience.

In the second system, we were determined to curate what we termed our “attainable high-end system”. Based again around an integrated amplifier technology complete with internal DAC – the NuPrime IDA-16 made what amounts to a U.K. premiere for the NuPrime Audio brand. Based around class-D technology, the IDA-16 combines leading-edge audio technology with unprecedented innovation, style and value with a considerable 200w- per channel to boot! The IDA-16 drove the standmount P1.0 loudspeaker from the same Precision Series line as the larger P3.0 from the other system. Even before accounting for the huge square footage of our exhibition space, this system was incredibly impressive, with no sense that the system lagged behind the reference system. Show attendees throughout the weekend consistently commented that the two systems were both just wonderful and engaging to listen to and equally inspiring and affirming – great feedback.

We would like to thank all those who attended and joined us for our company launch – we look forward to sharing our next event with you very soon.- Singularity Audio Imports

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