“Denziens of the Deep”

Issue #116 of PositiveFeedback.com has published online and the new Stage III Concepts Poseidon power cable has received it’s first review.  Positive Feedback’s Marshall Knack reports,

Stage III Concepts specializes in power cables. It makes sense a specialist would introduce the next major design innovation: a power cord with a vacuum dielectric. What a difference the Poseidon makes! It has wondrous timbral beauty; at the same time, it delivers thunderous low-end. – Marshall Knack – PositiveFeedback.com, 2021

Marshall is no stranger to Stage III Concept cables and indeed he owns and uses the Kraken power cables with his CH Precision M1.1 in his personal system.

Another item on the unexpected side of the ledger: timbre enrichment. Stage III has always been strong in the timbre department and their power cords represent the sweet spot in their catalog. That’s why I love the best-selling Kraken model. Still, swapping in the Poseidon, I hardly expected a jump in timbral fulfillment beyond the Kraken… I suspect it’s due to the vacuum dielectric. Without belaboring the point, let’s just say timbral fulfillment leap frogged from A+ to the honors category. – Marshall Knack – PositiveFeedback.com, 2021

Read the full review here: https://bit.ly/3eRoMQi

View the Poseidon power cable product page: https://www.singularity-audio.com/product/poseidon-power-cables/

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