Singularity Audio is thrilled to announce that the CH Precision 10 Series has been recognised with two of the audio world’s most prestigious awards. Following on from the L10’s receipt of the Stereo Sound Grand Prix for 2020, the M10 has now joined its partner, winning the Grand Prix for 2021.

Meanwhile, Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound, has written a remarkable 14-page review of the four-box L10 with two M10s, honoured them with the front cover, declared that they represent “A New Era In Amplification” and, stated that –

For their advanced capabilities, flawless build quality, and the transcendental musical experience they provide, the CH Precision L10 and M10    are awarded our highest honour, The Absolute Sound’s Overall Product of the Year Award.”

In the review, he goes on to say…

These new flagship electronics from Swiss manufacturer CH Precision are simply unprecedented in set-up flexibility, control, and adaptability to different systems.”

…listening to music through the 10 Series is a revelatory experience.”

…these electronics have an extra dose of musical magic that defies audiophile descriptors.”

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