Hifi-Advice.com editor Christiaan Punter has completed a two part review of the C1 DIGITAL_IN_HD board. The new HD board has been available since December 2018, but this is the first review of the upgrade from the original board to the new HD board.

The new Digital_IN_HD board upgrade can be installed in both the C1 and the D1. The upgrade is a fine example of the future-proof design that CH Precision promised from the outset, designing all their products in the 1-Series with a modular, card cage style slot in board design. All the owner need do then is load the new CH Precision firmware via the USB thumb drive provided with the unit and the upgrade is complete. Such careful though and consideration for the longevity of a product is something that counts, especially in 2019. And as you can find out by reading Christiaan’s review, the upgrade breaths new life into what was already one of the best DACs available today.

The new board has made the C1’s presentation even more energetic and involving as well as more transparent and more faithful to the source. – Christiaan Punter – Hifi-Advice.com

Read Christiaan’s two part review here.

Part One – Listening

Part Two – Technical with Loris Stehlé

As with the upgrades that CH Precision introduced previously in the A1 and M1 power amplifiers, where CH Precision offered a more affordable route for owners to attain the new upgrade making A1 the A1.5 and the M1 the M1.1, CH Precision have applied this with the new board upgrades. So owners of the original board can upgrade to the new HD version with a substantial discount based upon the year in which the board was original built determined by the serial number on the board. Owners need simply remove the board, check the serial and then order the new board, returning the old board to CH to receive the discount.

  • C1 & D1 Digital_IN_HD board new: £2,000
  • C1 & D1 Digital_IN_HD board upgrade – 2018 Serial boards: £1,000
  • C1 & D1 Digital_IN_HD board upgrade – 2016 or lower Serial boards: £1,900
  • Both upgrades require the original Digital_IN_HD board to be returned in order to benefit from the discount.

CH Precision just this month announced the new C1 Ethernet Streaming HD board. We will bring more news of this shortly.