Preloved: Magico A3 Loudspeaker, £9,000

The units have been received in trade from a client upgrading to Endeavour.

Built in 2018, the units are in excellent condition. The units have been fully tested.

These units are available to ship globally. In the U.K. the units are sold with delivery included.

Learn more about this product via the manufacturers product page:

Or read Alan Sircom’s review,

‘But for once, there was consensus. The technocrat loved the engineering. The rhythm-kings loved the way the sound ‘timed’. The penny-pincher loved the idea of getting a £28,000 sound in a £11,998 package. The Magico fans found their new entry-level to high-performance audio.’

Magico A3, Alan Sircom – HiFi +


This unit includes,

  • Anodised aluminium finish
  • Manufacturer supplied floor protectors
  • Manufacturer manual supplied USB
  • Manufacturer supplied branded cleaning cloth
  • Original packaging
  • 3-months sellers warranty

For more information about this unit please contact Singularity Audio directly either via telephone or email.

T: 0114 442 0132