Preloved: I1 Integrated Amplifier, £19,995 (includes ALL listed option boards)
The I1 retails for £31,100 without the additional option boards installed in this unit, which includes the latest Digital_IN HD card, Ethernet_IN HD card allowing Roon Ready functionality, plus Phono_I1. Scroll to the bottom of this listing to see that any one of these cards is worth a thousand pounds or more.

The I1 is a supreme integrated amplifier. It has the characteristic drive and authority in the lower notes and a lot of the speed and dexterity that the CH Precision sound is known for. But it is all in one supremely functional and small form factor unit. We love this unit but it is time for it to find a new home.

Singularity Audio was a dealer of CH Precision in the UK, this unit is directly from our demonstration stock. As the images of the unit show, it has been cared for exceptionally and is in very good condition. There are two small marks on the side of the unit, which are pictured. High resolution images are available. We have an air-conditioned and purified listening room which maintains the room at a consistent 21 centigrade.

The I1 is a superb integrated amplifier. It extols many of the virtues of the CH 1-series in a single box solution, delivering supreme sound with a huge array of input options.

“It’s an amplifier of rare grace and musical elegance, yet with a drive, dynamism, and force not normally associated with terms like ‘grace’. That makes for a beguiling combination of performance parameters, and ones that don’t get forgotten quickly.”Alan Sircom, HIFI+, UK

“A (very) few integrateds can match (the I1) in one area or another, but I know of nothing with a comparable combination of pedigree, versatility, footprint, expandability, upgradability, value, and world-class sonics.” Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, USA

Supplied with the following boards:

  • Digital_IN_HD (£2,100 new)
  • USB_IN (£2,500 new)
  • Ethernet_IN (£5,400 new)
  • Phono_I1 (£3,700 new)

The I1 allows AC Voltage switching allowing 100V, 115V or 230V AC power supply modes to be selected.

Supplied with,

– original packaging
– original accessory kit which includes stacking rods, stacking cups and screwdriver
– factory supplied UK or Euro power chords.


The I1 Product page.
The I1 product manual.

For more information about this unit please contact Singularity Audio directly either via telephone or email.

T: 0114 442 0132