Preloved: A1.5 Power Amplifier, £20,500 inc. VAT

Ex-demonstration unit directly from our stock. Singularity Audio were an authorised dealer of CH Precision in the UK until March 2023. This unit was purchased directly from CH Precision around 4-years ago. As the images of the unit show, it has been cared for exceptionally and is in very good condition. High resolution images are available, please contact directly by email to receive these.

Like its bigger brother, the M1.1 Reference power amplifier, there’s a lot more to the A1.5 than meets the eye – just in a more compact and more affordable form.

Faced with exactly the same challenges as the M1.1, the A1.5 embodies the same sophisticated, modular and scalable approach. It might be (slightly) smaller than the M1.1 and around two-thirds of its weight, but it’s still four amplifiers in one. It still offers the same adaptable, software controlled topology, adjustable input configuration and gain, user selectable global feedback ratio and cost-effective upgrade path. It offers exactly the same, incredibly short signal path, fully discrete, fully balanced and fully complementary circuit, built with the same carefully selected components to the same exacting standards. Even the casework, although shorter, has the same footprint, uses the same construction and includes the same mechanical grounding/stacking system. In fact, in every important way, the A1.5 is, quite literally, an M1.1 writ small – or, in Hollywood terms, “Honey, I shrank the amp…”.

“Importantly, the improvements result in a more musically engaging delivery. The A1.5 is nothing short of a giant killer amp. Yup: miracles do exist! Even at 3 minutes into the listening session, I already knew that there was no way back!” – CHRISTIAN PUNTER, HIFI-ADVICE.COM

The A1.5 is fitted with a second Analog_BUF card making the CH Precision amplifier an extremely versatile high end power amplifier with stereo, monaural, bridge, active and passive bi-amp modes all selectable from the front of the unit.

The A1.5 allows AC Voltage switching allowing 100V, 115V or 230V AC power supply modes to be selected.

Supplied with,

– original packaging
– original accessory kit which includes stacking rods, stacking cups and screwdriver
– UK or Euro plug terminated C19 power cable (as the customer chooses)

The A1.5 Product Page.
The A1.5 product manual.

For more information about this unit please contact Singularity Audio directly either via telephone or email.

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