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CH Precision

Every CH Precision product starts life as a blank sheet of paper, its task analysed, the performance parameters defined and the optimum engineering solution selected. There are no preconceptions. In each case, the chosen solution might be found in the digital domain or the analog, selected for its ability to deliver the best possible results in each given situation. The result is that no CH Precision product is either wholly digital or absolutely analog.


Stage III Concepts

Founded in 1996 by Luis de la Fuente, Stage III Concepts has been one of the world’s most innovative companies in the field of audio cable design, being the first company to offer ‘floating’ silver ribbon conductors with air dielectric technology in interconnect, speaker and power cables.

Stage III Concepts exists with one objective in mind – to make the most transparent, musically satisfying audiophile quality cables possible.


Founded in 1989 Wilson Benesch is a British company that has emerged as a market leader in loudspeaker, turntable and HIFI racking systems. With all design and manufacturing taking place in house, to include drive technology, loudspeaker enclosures, tonearms and other advanced components the brand is recognised as a pioneer in the high end audio industry.