Singularity Audio re-write the story and deviate from the conventional dealership model in the UK. We put you, the client, at the centre of our service and put our specialist home audio products where they belong, in your home, so that you as the client, can be sure that what you are investing in works in your personal audio system and connects with you.

We operate two distinct services through which we bring product to our clients. For our reference line products, we operate a ‘Reference Consultancy’ service. This free, no obligation service, starts with a telephone or email consultation, followed by a personalised home consultation and installation of the chosen product(s). For our ‘Home HIFI’ products, we provide a free home courier delivery service where the product is delivered to you and one of our home audio consultants is available to provide a telephone consultation to advise on how best to setup the product in your personal home audio system.

In each case, Singularity Audio put you at the heart of the experience, providing an unrivalled personalised experience of high-end audio.


Prefer to experience the ultimate in high-end audio in our dedicated listening space?

We have this covered. Our dedicated listening studio is located within 10-mins of the Sheffield City Centre and can be accessed from London within 2.05-hours, Manchester in 1-hour, Bristol in 2.48-hours and Edinburgh in 3.21-hours all on direct services. Why not take a day from the office, book a first-class ticket and work remotely with a private listening appointment and a coffee in the middle.

We offer a concierge service from the Sheffield station to our listening space.

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The client is at the heart of the Singularity Audio experience. We aim to introduce flexibility to the discerning high-end consumers purchasing decision, by providing the client with the options both in terms of the demonstration and the combination of World-class products on offer.

To discuss the our service or the product that interests you please call or email our dedicated UK sales team.