CH Precision’s I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier has earned the Swiss manufacturer a new award, this time in the shape or perhaps sound of a ‘Blue Note’ from online HIFI journal ‘Enjoy The Music’. Writer Greg Weaver got to grips with the I1, his conclusion?

I absolutely loved my time with this splendid device. The CH Precision I1 offers a level of performance from a single package that is completely unsurpassed in my experience… a dazzling and exhilarating execution of a product in a relatively new device category; While I could never call the I1 an “affordable” all-in-one solution, the level of resolve, refinement, grace, sophistication, and engagement this device offers make it an absolute steal, an overachieving value, a true bargain at its lofty price point. Most highly recommended. – Greg Weaver, Enjoy The Music, 2020

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