Singularity Audio Imports is a high-end audio distributor, importing, introducing and fostering the growth of high-end audio brands in the United Kingdom.

Our vision is to unite our passion for high fidelity audio reproduction with that of our clients, providing the ultimate audio experience for the most discerning client.

Our business model places the client at the heart of the experience. That is to say that somewhat uniquely we do not place the client within our listening facility by default, rather we place our products within the clients personal listening room. In doing so we combine the clients choice of ancillary system components, personal listening position and comfort with a highly personalised and bespoke service, giving the client the very best opportunity to learn about a product and decide ultimately if it is the product for them.

With more than 15-years of experience in importing and consulting directly with our clients, our team has built a wealth of knowledge that is underpinned by that critical element that fuels this journey for all of us – a passion for music.

Having originally imported and built the Audionet Gmbh brand in the U.K. then under Wilson Benesch Imports, our business has evolved to bring our clients a selection of the finest high-end audio products that we have personally experienced and discovered as we have travelled across the globe. Now under the name Singularity Audio Imports, it is a pleasure and an honour to share with you what we deem to be some of the finest high-end audio products currently available today – your journey begins here.